Meet the Johnson's

David Johnson

Family Role: Dad, Certified top ramen chef

Hobbies: Video games, Music, and staring at screens.


Carrie Johnson

Family Role: Mom, Referee

Hobbies: Baking and watching car crashes on youtube


Tesla Johnson

Family Role: 1st Daughter, Top ramen addict

Hobbies: Roblox, minecraft, drawing


Tate Johnson

Family role: 1st son, Dog feeder

Hobbies: Video games, watching cartoons, eating all the gogurts.


Taelyn Johnson

Family Role: 2nd Daughter, certified inanimate object eater

Hobbies: Bouncing, getting into every cabinet and getting everything out, smackin

Winston Johnson

Family Role: The Dog man, certified waste maker, certified cuddler.

Hobbies: Chasing small animals, chewing up the kids toys, sleeping